Fabriscape attends Automechanika Birmingham 2017, between 06/06/2017 and 08/06/2017

This second edition of the event sold out almost immediately, so big was the interest demonstrated by the most important aftermarket and supply chain players operating in the UK & Ireland markets.

The exhibition also gained an international relevance, as it has attracted high quality international visitors, which was possibly the biggest surprise and added a lot of value to our presence, initially more focussed on the UK & Ireland markets, and keeping our presence and pursuing our communication strategy in these markets, specially when we are living days of great boiling and commercial activity in the UK with several potential customers joining or abandoning the main Purchasing / Groups.

At a distance of a few months, we consider that our bet was correct and the important investment made was the right decision:

  • A number of contacts were made with new UK customers, some of which have been trying to develop for some time now, which widens and diversifies our presence in the English market
  • New international contacts have been made, including those carried out with representatives of of international Groups and frankly positive subsequent talks have been happening
  • • Our participation in this edition of Automechanika was decisive as part of the new image and communication strategy of Fabriscape, adding to the presence and confidence we intend to transmit to the market
  • We have already booked for Automechanika Birmingham 2018

Our participation on this year’s edition was co-financed by Portugal 2020, within Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização (POCI), with funds from Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER).

Fabriscape attends Equip Auto Paris 2017, between 17/10/2017 and 21/10/2017

Continuation and reinforcement of the projection of the new image of Fabriscape as one of the (few) European automobile emission factories capable of satisfying the European Parts and Components Distribution Groups:

  • Care for the brand
  • Superior product quality
  • Depth of product range
  • Competitive price
  • Service
  • IT capacity
  • Development of new products

The 2017 edition of Equip Auto had two additional attractions, in addition to the normal interest that the second largest exhibition in the sector naturally deserves:

  1. The priority given by Fabriscape to the French market and the interest we had in clearly demonstrating our intentions towards this large market and its players; this time, the investment in Equip Auto was proportional to the new approach to the French market, even because "we carried in the baggage" important innovations in product quality, new products recently introduced and the very certification of products destined to the French market, improvements fruit of the enormous internal effort that we have intensified in the last two years, along side with the Internationalization effort of the company
  2. Temporary closeness with Automechanika Birmingham 2017, as the presence in France of representatives of the largest international groups would make it possible to reinforce the image of Fabriscape vis-à-vis the various international contacts established in Birmingham and to develop such contacts in a relaxed and appropriate environment to the establishment of personal bonds of trust

In general, the Fair was intense, with many professional quality visitors and with the majority of the participants to thank the change of the Fair to a new location, closer to the centre of Paris.

The results obtained exceeded our expectations:

  • We have been able to do several contacts we wanted for the French market and that we have been pursuing for some time; consequent commercial discussions have already taken place, new meetings and visits, and some more specific discussions have been carried out, thus leaving us with good expectations about the French market
  • It was also a pleasure to see some of the international contacts done in Birmingham and before, returning to visit us once more in Paris; these meetings allowed us to keep developing the relationships and reinforced the image of seriousness and capacity of Fabriscape, which reinforced the confidence in our company and its representatives
  • A number of contacts with potential niche customers, namely specialists in classic car parts and industrial, both based in France and in several other countries, all of which are very interesting to Fabriscape in the in which we see with good eyes the diversification of the business and based on the use of our technical capacity

In short, we have achieved the goal of strengthening our image, reinforcing some important relationships and establishing exciting new contacts.

Our participation on this year’s edition was co-financed by Portugal 2020, within Programa Operacional Competitividade e Internacionalização (POCI), with funds from Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER).

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